Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold- equipments on the day of massacre


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had with them on April 20, 1999 4 guns, several knives, 48 carbon dioxide bombs, 27 pipe bombs, 1.5 gallon propane bombs, 7 gas or napalm bombs, 20 pound propane bombs.

Eric Harris, was wearing a black trench coat, wore a white T-shirt underneath that said,…


The body of convicted killer Aileen Wuornos is loaded into a hearse at the Florida State Prison following her execution by lethal injection October 9, 2002 in Starke, Florida. 
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Yeah i think so, thanks! I got that pretty tshirt in a pretty box with pretty pictures. Thanks roocaille

Anyone wants to buy one? haha :)

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thanks! its custom made

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Actually i don’t even know because it was a gift.

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This still makes me sad, James.

Sadly he’s allergic to cats which is probably why he dislikes them. :( I hope he gets to have a therapeutic pet in his cell one day. Maybe they will allow him to have a puppy/dog if he maintains good behaviour.

I’d love that for him, too!!!
And yes, I’m hoping his allergies are the only reason that he “dislikes” kitties.
Cats are wonderful babies!! <3

Absolutely! :D
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